calm down john before you break something

July 27 2014

-in which John realizes how much he nearly hecked up-

July 17 2014


[unhappy bf search initiated]

July 10 2014

Getting my hair chopped today!!

Then hopefully posting some asks!!

EB: I’m pretty sure I’d know if my boyfriend was sad!
EB: dave knows I love him
EB: plus he’s holed up in the spare room so i can’t really tell him anything!
EB: I think he said something about a new project, he likes to be alone while he makes them. He sounded all sniffly, maybe he’s getting sick?
EB: though…he has been wearing his shades an awful lot…

July 05 2014
July 02 2014

A winner has been chosen!!!!

They have a few days to contact me or someone else will be chosen, no URL will be given out unless they say it’s okay!!

EB: [describing various new pranks he found online]

June 27 2014